• Book Accession:-
    The details of a book as in the case of an Accession Register. Adding, updating, removing, Listing of all books etc. can be done very quickly.
  • Multimedia Accession:-
    The details of non-print documents such as CDs, Diskettes, Microfiche, cassettes. Adding, updating, removing, Listing of multimedia items
  • Journal Accession & Indexing:-
    This module has been constructed with a view to provide most convenience to each librarian while adding a new journal or its issue details or its indexing and abstracting details at any time. Here also the facilities like Adding, Removing, Updating, Listing & Searching of Journals and its details in a fascinating way.
  • Book Classification:-
    LIBSOFT supports (set as default) the 21st edition (1996) of Dewey Decimal Classification scheme for Classifying books in the Library. Even though LIBSOFT has supported DDC, the provision of changing the Classification scheme to Colon Classification or else as you desire.
  • Book Cataloguing:-
    Supports & help the Librarian to print out the library Catalogue as desired by him, either AACR II or CCC5, or any other.
  • Membership:-
    Registration, Cancellation, Updating, Listing & Searching of Membership
  • Book Issue:-
    It is a sub-module for the circulation. Issuing of library materials can be done with a rapid speed and accurately. LIBSOFT has been supporting the barcoding facilities and group Issues
  • Book Return:-
    It is a sub-module for the circulation helps the librarian to discharge a book from the member within a second. While returning, LIBSOFT will automatically shows the overdue charges if any. It may be either collected or cumulated to the member account.
  • Book Renewal:-
    At any time a book can be renewed for further periods as and when the librarian desires.
  • Book Reservation:-
    This module supports excellent book reservation by Accession number / Title wise. It also supports group reservations. LIBSOFT automatically preparing separate monthly/date wise log files for each and every Issue, Return, Renewal, Reservation of books. This can be used as an authentic record for the further use.
  • Library Statistics:-
    This module help the librarian whenever he wants to take different statistics related to the books, memberships, circulation etc.. This module is more useful at the time of stock verification.
  • Information Retrieval:-
    This module is the most important and attractive part of the LIBSOFT. A user can get desired information related to your library within a fraction of second. He can sort the information in Ascending or descending order of any field. And can print the result of query in any desired format.